Silver Jubilee

Silver Jubilee year –(1992-2017)

As the school commemorates its Silver Jubilee this year, I'm extremely overwhelmed to state that we are very proud  and amply complacent at our outstanding achievements and success stories; the school has attained  during this long journey. In fact, it’s a historical moment for us to be jubilant as we have excelled ourselves in the  service of imparting quality education of scholastic excellence with Champion character laced with lofty life values. Nevertheless, the hardships and challenges that propped up on our way were faced undauntedly to engrave this milestone of triumph.

To script in brief, our odyssey began in 1992, with a broader vision, mission, ambition and dedication to spread literacy, planting a seed of just a couple of kids for Nursery in a rented accommodation which steadily bloomed so vast; branching out a huge tree of success; flourishing into two branches – primary school at Suryadevnagar (State Board)  and Senior Secondary (CBSE) at Navdapanth  owning all amenities and the state of the art building having 1500 students. Thus, it's a memorable event in the annals of history of our institution to savour the fruits of great accomplishments. It's also an occasion of rejoicing at the unwavering faith the parents had with us that has led us to this pinnacle of success.  To add a feather of pride to our fulfilments; our pass out students (alumni) from this Alma mater bear testimony to  the fact that they are the Champions of life as they occupy helm of placement in civil administration, education, MNCs, coveted corporate, professionals abroad and so on – as sparkling jewels of adorning crown of glory.

We are immensely thankful to God Almighty and our Patroness Mother Mary for the showers of Divine blessings, perennial guidance, protection upon the school and the wisdom & knowledge being endowed upon the students and ultimately making their future lives prosperous and happy.

We also express our deep gratitude to our benefactors, friends, well wishers, and of course, our parents for the valuable contribution, encouragement and the solidarity.

''But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep''

of course! Our journey of dreams of reality and solemn promises – goes on and on; progressing all around and soaring up till it terminates at the sky limit.

May the Lord continue to bless us; so as to create champions to lead the country to great heights and we shall journey tirelessly to see the Golden, Platinum and Century Jubilee landmarks !

Faithfully praying and hopefully wishing the accomplishment of these dreams and promises come true !

All look at the sky and admire the stars,

but our Champions soar up and grab them !