Solo Dance Competition

With the aim of honing the dancing skills of the students, an Inter House Solo Dance Competition was organized by St. Mary Champion H.S. School.  Classes from VI to VIII actively participated in the Solo Dance Competition.The vivacious dancers set the floor on fire with their energetic performances. The fun filled extravaganza offered classical, traditional and western. All the participants were very energetic and performed their dance forms enthusiastically. They dressed beautifully according to their songs. Young learners were thrilled to be a part of colourful, vibrant and energizing event. Hands, feet and bodies, dressed in colourful costumes, twirled, flipped and jumped on the stage of the school.  Some learners even made use of interesting props like hats, chairs and sticks. The choreography, rhythm, synchronization and presentation of all the students were good. The happiness of the students was amply evident with applause and appreciation. C. V.Raman house got the first position, J.C. Bose second and H.J.Bhabha got the third position. The winners from different houses were all awarded. Principal of the school congratulated the winners and appreciated the performance of the children and also encouraged them to participate more in such competitions to enhance their talen.

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