Fortnightly Values


“Time spent in prayer is never wasted.” As the New Year harbingered new hope and enthusiasm to all the members of St. Mary Champion H.S. School, the assembly in-charge introduced the fortnight virtue ‘Start each day with Prayer’. He highlighted the importance of prayer in one’s life and its power of achieving success, an effortless path of communion with God and finally attaining peace of mind.

He guided and motivated the students to start each day with prayer that may improve their power of concentration, self-control, self-discipline and eventually become the ideal students. It also can help them to grasp the lessons very easily that are taught in the class. It has the immense power and one becomes communion with God.

Further he emphasized on the types of prayer and how should one pray to God. God looks at the thought and meaning of the prayer. A prayer that comes straight from the heart is what God appreciates.  When a desired task is undertaken after praying to God, the task is blessed by the God. Besides, praying increases our Atma-Shakti (Energy of the soul) and confidence. As a result, the task achieves excellence and success.

“Education without values is a sin” – Mahatma Gandhi

Education is equilibrium of knowledge and life values. Education aims at how to earn well and life values aim at how to lead a life well. Thus, they are the wings of education to soar up to great height of success. Hence, core values of life and discipline are to be simultaneously nourished with academics as part and parcel of education. Value education is the foundation for the formation of a fine Character. One core virtue is being put into practice every fortnight. Students are highlighted the importance and necessity of this value; guided and given the ways and means to inculcate it. Later, they share their experience and assimilation in the Assembly. Given below are the values that are imbibed and practiced.


Month                                  Virtues

June    –    1. Speak in English.

July       –   1. Follow the Lunch Discipline.  

 2. To keep silence and decorum in the assembly.

August  –  1. Maintenance of books and note books.  

 2. Theme of the year “Student of Duty”.

September – 1. Follow the school rules and regulations.  

   2. Loyalty and honesty.

October   –  1. Self –discipline.  2. Cleanliness.

November – 1. Leadership.

  2. Involvement in school activities.

December – 1. Respect parents and teachers.  

 2. Keeping the requirement of others before you.

January    – 1. Start each day with a prayer.  

 2. Work hard and be attentive in the class.

 February  – 1. Proper utilisation of time.  

 2. Do your best and God will do the rest.



1st Fortnightly virtue :  Lunch Discipline :  From 1stJuly To 15th July 2017 

Moral virtues are the ideals or principles that one should follow to distinguish the right from the wrong. These ideals or virtues are considered worthy in building up the character of an individual. Students are the future of India. The future of our country depends upon the moral values imparted to them during their school life. Moral lessons should be properly imbibed by students in school. Children have an immense power of observation and their feelings are deep rooted. They always observe their parents at home and their teachers in school. Keeping this in mind, we urged the students to assimilate “Lunch Discipline” during the above fortnight. Our English Teacher Mr. Valerian introduced this virtue in the assembly, highlighting the importance of table manners and observance of lunch rules & disciplines in the school mess.

The following Ten Point guidelines are given to the students for observance.

1.       Walk to the mess in queue class-wise.

2.       Say the lunch prayer when all students assemble in the mess with the teachers.

3.       Do not talk while eating.

4.       Follow the table manners strictly.

5.       Raise your hand if you need anything.

6.       Chew or munch the food and relish happily.

7.       Do not waste food as millions of children are starving daily.

8.       Eat every vegetable served.

9.       Leave the seat only when the signal is given by the in charge teacher.

10.   Go to the class room soon after hand wash.

In his speech he quoted “ANNAMPARABRAHMASWAROOPAM” and explained the meaning that food is equal to God, and therefore, all should give the same amount of respect to this age old God.  Wasting food is not good for anyone as millions of poor children go to bed empty stomach. So take as much as you can eat and do not waste food.

In case of any complaint or suggestion, students can approach the Lunch Committee.