Theme of the Year


“Discipline” is the third attribute of our school ethos – i) Honesty  ii)  Hard work and iii) DISCIPLINE. It means to obey or follow willingly the order or the set of rules and regulations of any institution so that harmony, co-existence, care for the needs of others, growth and success are certainly achieved. Right from the family we belong to, to the country we live in, for this matter, any institution or social groups, cannot function in unison or grow up, unless every member obeys readily, willingly and honestly the set of regulations of the various associations they are part and parcel.

 “Do not hesitate to discipline a child. As a matter of fact, it may save his life says the Bible in the Proverbs. Therefore, the virtue of discipline is inseparable in the life of every person. For most, discipline sounds bitterness but the hidden truth is sweetness. It is, therefore, an important ingredient of a character of life which is a vehicle providing a rewarding life. School life of every student is much more important as it’s an indicator of his future life. The virtue of discipline should be practised right since one’s childhood – both in the family and in school in order to emerge as champions of life. Assimilation of fortnight value is a prerequisite of school discipline. The student handbook is a book of life when students observe and obey the rules and regulations, which will in the long run, make students become great personalities, why not, the future quality leaders of our country.

In the previous year, we assimilated successfully, the Champion attribute – ‘student of duty’ as the theme of the year, and a remarkable result was seen in the students’ annual performance report. Enthused very much, we shall assimilate another important trait of a Champion –  ‘Student of discipline’, as the theme of our Jubilee year. This will surely help students to become ‘law abiding citizens of our country’ which is a proud characteristics of our Champions. ‘Student of duty’ and ‘Student of discipline’ are the two indispensable characteristics of a Champion like two wings of a bird that help it soar as high as it can. In the same way, a student possessing these two wings of attributes can soar up as great as one can and only the sky is the limit. Therefore, all the students are urged to imbibe and practice this virtue of life very seriously and consciously. 

The teachers who play numerous roles, such as, educators, mentors, facilitators, guides, leaders and above all role models, shall set a fine and impacting example of “teachers of discipline” in order to manifest this attribute as champion teachers so that both the students and teachers observe this virtue as the theme of the year 2017, a glowing feather of high discipline, when the school celebrates its Silver Jubilee year.

 Wish you successful assimilation of the champion trait of – students of discipline and teachers of discipline – the theme of the year.

 Director of studies