The St. Mary Champion H. S. School organized a seminar for its teachers on the serious issue of how to identify Learning Disabilities in Children of various age groups. The guest speaker on this occasion was Mrs. Maya Bohra, a Rehabilitation Psychologist and Psychotherapist. She is the director of the organizations Lakshya Child Development Center and Spandan, and an experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the education and management industry. 

In the seminar, she highlighted how to take care of slow learners and the children who suffer from learning disabilities. She also suggested some remedial learning methods for students with special gifts. The outcome of the workshop ranged from behavioral training to mental health awareness, stress reduction and much more. All in all, the teachers gained valuable experience from this workshop and were positive about its applications in their everyday teachings.

The Director of the school Mr. S. L. Swamy proposed the vote of thanks and urged one and all to pay genuine attention to this problem which can hamper a child’s all round development.

31. July.2019


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