Celebration of girl child day

To create overly awareness through education and transformation through practice, girl child day gains national importance as 24th January is celebrated as National Girl Child Day. On this eve, the school has celebrated it very meaningfully by staging a short and an inspirational awareness programme for the students.

The programme was conducted by our student Khawahish Navlani- class VII, with an enlightening speech delivered by Aastha Negi, Srishti Bairagi and Aishani Sakre. The school choir also presented a melodious song highlighting the importance and the moral need to acknowledging the various roles and several responsibilities being played by “girls” in family, society, and country at large.

Our Hindi teacher Mrs. Yashodhara Dubey addressed the students narrating the laudable roles discharged and the glory won by the Indian Women, witnessed and documented in the history of our country. She also recited a beautiful poem on the valour and the values to be learnt from the Queen Jhansi Maharani Laxmi Bai, Goddess Durga and Kali. She elucidated the dire need of girl child and complete abolition of gender discrimination in the society as gild child is still looked down upon and discriminated at various levels. Educating the gild child and providing her all opportunities as that of “boy child” is the stupendous responsibility of the government and the society as well.

It is rightly said and proven that If you educate a boy, you educate an individual, whereas if you educate a girl and you educate a community. Thus, a girl child is entitled to be the best teacher as she attains the stage of motherhood.

The celebration came to an end with an amazing dance number, again dedicated to the gild child – the awful need for her education, providing her with the same opportunities and positions in the society and the country as that of a boy and there ever never can be an iota of discrimination against a gild child and all the atrocities, social evils, crimes against her must end once for all. Such a dream of respect and recognition for a girl child should become a reality.

At end, the principal in her address of the day, reiterated the above issues and sought for redressal through education and social awareness. She expressed the hope that as the students grow up they shall establish a new society and country where there can never be social or gender discrimination and whether one is a boy or a girl makes no difference in terms of education, opportunities, social recognition and respect, as boys are  the same as girls.

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