It was celebrated in our school at 8.30 am on Sunday, 21st June, 2020. There was a live programme over Zoom app, witnessed by students, parents with other family members, teachers. The stage was sent in our Navdapanth Campus for demonstration. The P.E. & sports faculties Mr. Sonu Jatav, Mr. Pankaj Shrivastava and Mr. Dheeraj performed important asanas, pranayama, warm of exercises and Suryanamaskar as Mr. Vijay Porwal was delivering live commentary of the demo. Simultaneously the spectators performed the asanas in tune with the demonstrator.

“Yoga-live” was so need of the hour, as the whole globe is reeling under the pandemic Covid-19,and performing yoga would certainly boost the immune power to fight against this virus.

At the end, the Director underlined the need of Yoga as an elixir of good health and physical growth. He also enumerated some important benefits of yoga for students.

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