Workshop on Traffic Rules and Road Safety at SMCS

As we know that knowing traffic laws and rules are very helpful to keep the roads safe. Awareness of traffic rules can save the life of both the drivers as well as the pedestrians. If we ignore these laws then we have to pay a penalty either in form of money or prison or even worse through injury or death. If we are well aware of the traffic rules then we can reduce the number of accidents which translates into saving our own life and of thousands of others on road. 
Knowing the importance of traffic rules and laws, a workshop on Road Safety Awareness was conducted by the Traffic Police Department of Indore in the St. Mary Champion H. S. School premises on 22nd July 2019. An educational team consisting of DSP Traffic Shri Hari Singh Raghuwanshi, ASI Shri R. S. Meena, Constable Shri Ashok Chandel and Shri Rakesh Sharma along with the administrator of the school Mr. Victor Swamy were present on this occasion to guide the children on traffic rules and road safety. 
They instructed the audience in basic laws of the road and general errors made by drivers and pedestrians and this valuable information was delivered through video and printed matter.
The workshop was successful in emphasizing and accentuating students about the need of safe road travel just by applying and adhering to simple rules.
The Administrator Mr. Victor Swamy offered the Vote Of Thanks and along with the audience appreciated the efforts made by the Traffic Police Department of Indore.

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