Health and Nutrition Seminar

“A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.”

A healthy diet not only promotes the health of children but also prevents future health problems, deficiencies and many other chronic diseases.  Many a time the reason is very simple that the children are not eating very healthily.  This is normally noticed from birth to ten years of age.

To help our children grow healthy and wise, the school organised a Health and Nutrition workshop on Saturday, 10th August 2019 conducted by Mrs. Jaya Subhash, a well professional dietician and nutritionist. The parents of classes Nursery to V attended the workshop.

 Mrs. Subhash spoke on the nutritional values of infants and also about the implementation of “Healthy Eating Habits” in children as well as elders and cultivating a healthier environment. She discussed on the ways how nutrition and proteins can be involved in the daily life of the students. Finally she ended on the note that to achieve this end, the role of parents is indispensable .

We very much hope that our students as well as the parents are eventually benefited by this workshop and shall implement the suggestions and guidance in day to day life.

Mrs. Lavina Lalwani

Primary coordinator

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