Our Patron Saint

Mother Mary,
The mother of Jesus Christ, is the patron saint of our institution and is venerated by all Christians. At the tender age of three, she dedicated herself in the service of the Lord. Though she was married to St. Joseph, the carpenter, she led a holy life of a virgin. One day, an angle carrying the message of the Lord appeared to Mary and announced to her that she would give birth to a son by the power of the Holy Spirit. The child would be called Jesus Christ, the son of God, who would bring salvation to the mankind. Mary brought up Jesus who grew up in all wisdom & intelligence. He preached the gospel of love, compassion and universal brotherhood. Jesus, before his death on the cross, entrusted to Mother Mary the whole mankind as her own children. Therefore, she is regarded as the Divine mother of all Christian. After her death, she was taken up to heaven and crowned as the queen of heaven. she intercedes for God’s blessings and graces for those who seek her succor.

We, the family of St. Mary Champion School, dedicate all the students under the Divine mother’s care to nurture and nourish them in her lap of divine knowledge, wisdom, academic excellence and lofty life virtues, such as, honesty, hard work, discipline, obedience etc. in order to emerge as real Champions of life. Our school witnesses innumerable blessings and miracles of Mother Mary. She is the constant source of inspiration strength and guidance in our mission of spreading literacy.