Republic Day Celebration _19

India is celebrating its 70th Republic Day on Saturday, January 26, 2019. It is on this day that the Constitution of India came into effect.

This Republic Day was celebrated today with great reverence in the St. Mary Champion H. S. School. The day began with a prayer followed by flag hoisting by the Director & the Principal of the school. This was accompanied by our national anthem and the pledge. The students marched past the unfurled flag saluting the tricolor.

The Director spoke eloquently about our diverse nation and the relevance of the Constitution and the Preamble. He enthralled the audience with inspirational stories and reiterated the need for being resolute in our path to achieve our goals. 
This was followed by other speeches in Hindi and English along with patriotic poems. The cultural programme included patriotic songs, skit, dance and orchestra. It was awe-inspiring and made the students bow in allegiance to the brave freedom fighters who laid their lives for the motherland. Today we are proud of our nation’s achievements and look ahead to a bright future for our country which has flourished despite adversities.

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