Senior Bal Vigyan Social Science

17 November 2018, 

Steve Jobs once said, “You can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently.” That’s’ what we witnessed in Social Science Senior Bal Vigyan event, under the aegis of Indore Sahodaya.

Twenty Two Schools in Cluster II participated in the event. Kapil Sharma Sir, who is the Associate Professor in the  area of Finance at Institute of Management studies, D.A.V.V. University, Mrs. Sudha Singh the Social teacher in San Marino School, Indore, Mrs. Chirasree Lalwani from host school were the three judges of the competition.

The First Registration was done at 8:20 am by 9:25 am, all the schools registered their names. All the schools mentors were welcomed at the entrance with a paper black, welcoming letter and a school key. With a small cultural  program, we welcomes all the invitees. Sharp at 10 : 00 am , the event started. The last presentation got over at 4:10 pm. We took a break of 45 mins to decide the results and complete the certificates at 5:10. Kapil Sharma sir shared his experience  with the participant, followed by the distribution of Awards by Director sir, Principal mam, Administrator sir and judges.

The event was an immense success. Everything went on time and in a proper manner hope, in future we will carry the same.

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