Skating Championship 2019

Mohd. Kaif Farooqui wins gold medal in International Roller speed Skating Championship 2019

Open Roller ARSECC, ARSEC, ASIA International Roller Speed Skating Championship was held on 26th to 27th of January 2019, at Pattaya in Thailand. The student of our school participated in the tournament and showcased his talent and brought laurel to this great institution by clinched the gold medal.

There were around seven different countries participated in this championship. Mohd. Kaif Farooqui took part in 300 and 200m race and secured the gold medals in both the events.

He worked rigorously every day under the guidance of Coach Mr. Pankaj Shrivastava, who motivated and guided throughout his effort. It is indeed a time for celebration and jubilation for the school management and the staff to facilitate the gold medallist. The principal of the school appreciated and congratulated him for his great achievement and wished him all the success in future.

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