Student’s Corner


It was celebrated in our school at 8.30 am on Sunday, 21st June, 2020. There was a live program Read More >>



Parents’ webinar on online studies during Covid-19

The unprecedented pandemic Covid-19, has plunged the globe into misery and disaster and badly affect Read More >>



बसंत पंचमी

फूल खिले मदमस्त हुए भौरे कलिया महकी चि Read More >>




पायल की छन-छन से छनकेए खनके बन कंगन। ओं Read More >>



बालिका दिवस

ष्ष्षुरू होने से पहले ही, ख्त्म कर दिय Read More >>



मकर संक्रांति

हिन्दू महीने के अनुसार पौष शुक्ल में म Read More >>



Inter school Roll Ball Competition

Inter school Roll ball and roller skating competitions were held at St. Mary Champion H.S. School on Read More >>




“Apples are sweet, Oranges are sour, Fruits are healthy , That make us wealthy. I think all ki Read More >>



Master Rudraksh Khatarkar – NTSE Champ

"Only the champion can create history" – He is Rudraksh Khatarkar – XI, who ac Read More >>



Inter House Competitions

The School organized the Inter House Sanskrit shlok recitation Competition on 27/08/2019 and Inter h Read More >>