Inter-Religious Prayer Meet & Introspection

Introspection is when you think about your emotions, motivations, thoughts, and behaviors. It's also a great way to develop a higher awareness of not only yourself and how you tick, but also how you perceive the world around you. Everyone is introspective in day-to-day life without even realizing it. Introspection can benefit people that do it on a regular basis who 'check-in' with themselves on how they feel about something.

The school organised an Inter-Religious Prayer Meet & Introspection session for the students on 02 January 2020 to get the students to find their inner strength to manage the challenges of the upcoming year. The Director along with the Principal and various teachers provided the students with their valuable inputs which they gained with their experiences. The children sang songs dedicated to God and prayed for the well being of their parents, siblings, teachers and all related people.

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