Parents’ webinar on online studies during Covid-19

The unprecedented pandemic Covid-19, has plunged the globe into misery and disaster and badly affected people of all walks of life, institutions, business and the economy of the country. Consequently, the schools were shut, and lockdown was clamped all over inflicting  severe difficulties and hardships to everyone. Nevertheless, the learning must go one for the future of students. The only ultimate means of studies is through digital learning platform, using technology which is new to both teachers and parents. In order to orient the parents and clear out the fears and confusion with this option of online studies, a live webinar for all the parents of school was organized on Sunday, 14th June,2020 at 10.30am that lasted till 12.30pm.

The guest speaker was the renowned trainer & counsellor Ms. Maitrayee Tosawad, who presented an impressive live session with PPTs, and answered some questions and doubts posed by the parents.

The session was very beneficial and enriching and enlightening one. It gave an insight and cleared the queries of parents related to online teaching.

The session began by the address of the principal, who was so glad to address the parents since the start of the Covid, as she expressed the sad feelings of separation of the students from school and the teachers.

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