Say NO to Holi……amidst the deadly Carona virus

An “Awareness Program” on Precaution of carona virus was organized by school for the students today in the Assembly Hall.

A message was delivered to the students through a documentary which made them aware on the spread and contagiousness of the virus. The various precautions to be taken to prevent it were also shared and discussed with the students. It’s a good sign that the students were already aware of the symptoms. After the lecture, the students took part in an interaction & cleared their misconception eg. ‘mosquito bite cannot spread the virus’, the virus also cannot be spread through air, etc. The queries were answered by the coordinator Mrs. Lavina Lalwani. The concluding speech was given by her, in which she also gave the message, that it was not wise to play holi in the midst of this virus.

She highlighted that the chemical colours and the water may be contaminated with the virus, also it is not advisable to be among big crowds and gatherings as someone may be infected. The message of PM Narendra Modi was also read and explained to the students.


Let’s celebrate the festival with TRUE COLOURS of LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, CARE, PEACE AND CONCERN for all.

The SMCS wishes all the parents a HAPPY COLOURFREE HOLI.

Mrs. Lavina Lalwani

Primary coordinator.

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