Theme of the Year

   Life value of “bond of love with Parents, Teachers & Peers (PTP)       

Every year, the school formulates one life value as the theme of the year and strives to inculcate this value all through the year. Life values, in fact, are more valuable than the valuables. Values are the essence of one’s character asserting the age old adage that “when character is lost everything is lost”. Underlining the dire need of life values, Mahatma Gandhi coins it out as education without character is a sin. So far, the students have assimilated School Ethos :”1. Students of honesty,  2. Students of discipline and 3. Students of duty in the past years.

This year, the students should resolve to assimilate the life virtue of deepening the relationship with the parents, known as givers of life”, teachers, as makers of life and peers asfriends for life.

Parents, as visible gods, should be given utmost reverence, love, regards, obedience, care & concern and develop a deep bond of unity, oneness as they are the head of the family. Service rendered to parents is held in high esteem and such children are called God’s own children. Parents must be held tight by the right hand to journey to the pinnacle of fame.

Teachers, Gurus of wisdom & knowledge, who impart education of life and make your life worth living as wonderful human beings, are to be respected highly, revered, honoured, obeyed, served as that of parents. Teachers are to be held tight by the left hand in order to soar up to the heights of success and prominence.

Peers, friends for life, are the part and parcel of your life. “A friend in need is a friend in deed is the age old truth. Therefore, peers in school and outside help you, contribute and share a great deal in your life.

 As you know the inevitable and incredible roles of these three (PTP) in your school life, you ought to imbibe this life value and foster cordial and deep relationship with them. Your attitude towards them should, therefore, be very courteous, polite, affectionate, pleasant, amiable and ever friendly with PTP.

Students shall write a periodical report of the theme of this year along with the inculcation of fortnightly virtue in the “book of a champion” as part of school education, which shall be assessed under value education.

Director of studies